Project management and process facilitation

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for several weeks we have been taking the course project management and process facilitation now.
The general aim of the course is to provide an overview of the need for stakeholder collaboration. We work a lot with approaches of individual and collaborative development and a main part of this is the advisory service in the agricultural sector. There are different ways to take the role of an administrator and convey knowledge transfer. I will give you an idea how we realise those concepts within the course:

Our first exercise was an individual description of the learning system of an e-case farm which we already know from the first course, Agroecology basics. The task was to focus on different sources of knowledge used by farmers in different countries, e.g. local knowledge, knowledge from experiences, scientific knowledge, etc.

At the moment we are in process of exercise 2. We got divided in small groups and had to interview a person who is related or works in the field of advisory services. This were the organisations we visited: Hushållningssällskapet in Borgeby, Jordbruksverket (Swedish Board of Agriculture), LRF Konsult and Partnership Alnarp.
It was quit interesting to see how stakeholder collaboration can look like in reality and how important it is. We got an insight into collaboration between university & working environment, researchers & policies and university & farmers.
We were surprised that there are some organisations and projects where you as a student can get easily involved as well, e.g. with your degree project or some ideas you can get support from Partnership Alnarp or people at SLU help you to find mentors and financial support for travel costs, material, etc.

On Monday we will interview a farmer about his needs and use of projects and processes (advisory services). So, you can see the bridge: at first we heard something about the various advisory options and now we are going “out in the field” and try to find out if those services are used.

I will tell you about it next week! 🙂

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