A farm visit and help out at Landet Oss

This weekend we followed the call from a farm near Höör that needed urgent help for planting and seedbed preparation. The two women Cecilia and Monica moved out from the city Malmö to the countryside and become rural farmers near the Lake Ringsjön. Therefore, they left heir urban farm behind, or better to say took it to the countryside and expanded it.

The new Gård Landet Oss.

Due to this is their first season that they grow on their own 4,75 ha of land we found an empty field that was a former pasture when we came there on Saturday. The plot was covered with plastic for two months to suffocate the vegetation. Additionally it was cultivated. Due to there is a big plague of Quick grass our first task was to clear a plot of 20×11 m from their rhizomes. After that we spread a bit manure and prepared the soil for planting out hundreds of onions. We planted them in 10 cm spacing with 20cm wide rows, all by hand with hand tools. A second group weeded the garlic that was already set out before and covered it with hey afterwards to protect the bare soil and keep weeds down.

19 People developing beds, starting from a flat field of from bare soil.

Luckily there came around 19 people to help on this day. That made the working progress very fast and we have had much fun. It is always great to meet likeminded people that are interested in growing and exchange thoughts with them. During the whole day the weather was very sunny and we as well had the chance to sit in the sun during lunch and Fika. We can just recommend to join such voluntary working calls – its just so much fun!

Here you can find their Facebook post about the day.

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  1. Hi! How can I contact you? I’m interested in asking you about participating in a seminar on ecological agriculture in May.

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