Part II of the course Environmental Economics and MANAGEMENT


today, the second part of our current course “Environmental Economics and Management” has started. The Management part of this course is led by another PhD Student then the first one. The examination will be to write an individual paper about Management, to what we will be introduced next week. So later more about that…

Todays lecture was about strategy in business administration. Because an Enterprise starts and ends with strategy. Having such a long term activity plan that leads your enterprise through the market and lets it succeed is definitely a good idea. Otherwise you will be outcompeted. 😉 In the words of Porter (famous economist ;)): its all about being different. Different, that sounds quite agroecological as well. So maybe economics is´nt so boring and monotonous like it always sounds? Well, we will see. 😉 But the second part of this course, we are having at the moment, seems quite promising. So if you are thinking of working in the area of management, business consulting or even starting an enterprise by yourself later on, this course can give you some good tools and inspiration how to not fail with it.

Hope, you are doing fine out there and please let us know how you like this blog, if you want us to continue like it is, or change something. Just leave a comment here. 🙂

Med vänlig Hälsning, Ludwig

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  1. Hi Ludwig and others!
    I would like to get in contact with students at your program. I´m working with the association Agroforestry Sverige. We would like new people to our board. One aim with this “club” is to gather a broad group of people and actors, as practiotionners, academics, young, old, beginners, entrepreneurs, government authorities, NGOs etc . The aims are mutual learning and understanding of AF in Sweden and to develop agroforestry practise in Sweden as well as ” to spread the word”. This is an interesting time when everyone is talking about HUGE issues as climate change and food in various aspects. Short about me: I do research on agroforestry in a national project in Sweden, where my own small farm is included (testing edible forest garden) in Kopparberg and I´m a networker on agroforestry; member of the European network EURAF and others. Since I´m not sure if this will be published here, or not, could you please help me to get in touch with student at your programme? kindly Christina Schaffer ,

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