Kallbadhus (Sauna) in Bjärred

We already mentioned the traditional Sauna in this blog before. Therefore I want to write about it briefly to give an insight to you how amazing this activity can be. Several times now we have been in Bjärred, a town near Alnarp where you can find a Sauna in the almost middle of the sea! Yes, you heared right. The Kallbadhus in Bjärred is at the end of a landing stage, 600 Meters in the sea. If you think this is not amazing enough, guess what makes it even better? Directly from the hot Sauna you can take the stairs into the water! That makes you feeling your blood circulation very well. 😉

Kallbadhus in Bjärred: http://www.bjerredssaltsjobad.se

What do you do after Sauna? Of course: enjoy a cold beer. Where? Of course: in the restaurant, right next to the sauna, in the middle of the sea. Do you think that isn´t amazing? Well, then you maybe get impressed by the hundred of Swans that stay there over the winter. With the light from the Sauna it makes the evening even more marvellous.

Sunset and Swans in Bjärreds Kallbadhus with the view towards Malmö and the Öresund bridge.
When you arrive by daytime it looks like this. Enjoying the sunset through the big windows of the sauna is just amazing. You will never forget this.

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