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GAP 21: Sheep in Sweden

GAP21 stands for Global Animal Production in the 21 Century. No animal production system is perfect. Each culture has their own traditions regarding animal husbandry. Every country faces their own challenges. Let me show you what I have seen and learned thus far: One photo at a time.

In Scandinavia, sheep production is strongly bound to the climate. However,
there are different types of production systems used. Timing of birth of the lambs
is regulated by the time of year breeding takes place. Depending on the moment
that lambs are ready for slaughter, it is either called spring, autumn or winter
production.  The impact of the type of production is huge, since lambs born before
late spring, will need to be kept indoors over winter. Not only does this mean that
more space is required in the barn, there are also higher costs of straw, hay and labour.
Yet, this production system is not uncommon. The lambs on the photo had spent
their lives indoor thus far; their first day outside was a joy to watch!


Vår i Uppsala

Do you know this feeling, when the sunlight touches your face and you realize how much you missed her? Sunshine, it’s like liquid happiness. Especially after these long, dark Scandinavian winters. Last week started with days of snowfall, yet soon it was replaced with bright, sunny days. The ice melted away, the gravel is being brushed off from the pathways. My bike is not wearing his winter tires any longer. The amount of people running outdoors is tremendous. You can feel the tension for the Valborg festival starting to build up. And to top it all of, this weekend we will get the best present you can imagine: Another hour of daylight, hurra!

Beautiful Uppsala, I took the photo last week. In the middle you see the famous Domkyrkan.