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Skiing trip

I’m really excited to tell you that I went on a skiing trip last weekend! Maybe it’s because I am from the Netherlands where mountains are practically non-existent and snow is a rarity, but I to me few things are more magical than the idea of winter-sports. Sadly I had missed the trip organized by Ultuna’s UFFE (they organize great outdoors activities, go have a look on their facebook page) two weeks ago. But fortunately I heard about a friend going this weekend with the buddy program of Upppsala University’s international students. The weather forecast was absolutely fabulous and I was lucky to get hold on one of the last spots in the bus.

Sun! Snow! Mountains! What else can you wish for?

If you think of Sweden you might not immediately think of skiing and snowboarding. However, there are plenty of opportunities for these amazing sports here and further up North. Many Swedes go on skiing holidays or have grown up skiing. Cross-country skiing, where you move over flat areas, is very popular even around Uppsala (for example at Håga and Fjällnora). But if you want to do slope skiing you’ll have to look for some higher places to go. I got extremely excited when I found out the nearest alpine centre is only two hours and fifteen minutes away. For example the one I went to – Romme Alpine – offers a bus service straight from Uppsala to the ski resort. As everything in Sweden, this is highly organized and by ordering your rental equipment online beforehand, you save time upon arrival.

The so-called ‘Pistkarta’ of Romme Alpine (Click to enlarge)

The skiing area was larger than I expected. There are two main peaks from which tracks of ‘all colours’ can be taken to go down. Green for ultimate beginners, blue for beginners, red is medium and black advanced. And if you’ve never been on skis or snowboard before, there is a try out area close to the rental and even a ski school. To me the green tracks were great fun and the blue ones some harder work. But I think it’s amazing there were this many possibilities. Me and my friends would take the same ski-lift up, and then chose different tracks to the same end point to meet again.

The ski-lift: I am afraid we have a love-hate relationship

As the weather was absolutely amazing and it was some sort of sports holidays for school children this weekend, it was very, very crowded. This resulted in spending more time in the queues than on the slopes, which was a bit frustrating. Though as the slopes were really spacious it still felt really peaceful and quiet from time to time. The only downside? I found out I am terrified of the ski-lifts, which is really silly – I know. I guess you’ll grow over it once you try more often! The good news is that kind people from the resort are looking out for clumsy tourists – like me – who fail to enter and exit these seats properly…

All together it was a wonderful day with fun company! How amazing is it to study in a country with it’s own winter sports possibilities? 🙂


Winter wonderland

Admitted, I wasn’t too happy with the sudden arrival of Winter, but who can stay mad at something so wonderful?

dsc_0291   dsc_0273 dsc_0285dsc_0345   dsc_0295output_lgcrn2
Me enjoying the snow, made a gif of photos by Oskar Westlin (spot him in the upper right)
dsc_0314   dsc_0334dsc_0355‘Skägglav’, photo by Oskar Westlin
dsc_0361   dsc_0401dsc_0383
dsc_0391A rabbit was here!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. We are now hoping for kärle’, meaning that the frost will reach into the ground and the snow will stay. Otherwise we will end up with all this nasty ‘slask’  (translation: snowmelt) that won’t make anybody happy. Let’s wait and see and in the meantime enjoy as much as we can 🙂


Ps. Do you remember the post about Flogsta? Well this is Kvarnbo, a three week time difference only. Hard to believe, right?
dsc_0207   dsc_0313



First snow.

Dear Winter,
we have to talk.

I know we just changed the clock to your preferred schedule, but it would have been really nice if you gave me some time to get comfortable with the darkness before we moved on. Yes, it is November now. But did that really mean it had to rain ALL day yesterday? Not to mention today, when you already gave me snow. I mean, isn’t that supposed to happen much later, like maybe after a month or something? You’re moving too fast. Even my bike thinks it’s too much, the poor thing doesn’t wear winter tires yet.

Sweden you are cool, very cool. Literally. And I am afraid I like you much more than I should – we both know this is temporary. But please give me some time if you’d like me to stay around.


Psst, don’t tell Winter, but  aren’t winter bike tires “dubbdäck” the coolest thing ever?
Photo: www.cykelfritid.se