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Dear friends, family, students, students-to-be and other readers,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about my experiences as an Uppsala student at SLU. The truth is, I have almost finished my masters and moved back to the Netherlands already… no more snow for me, haha. I found an amazing job as an inspector for organic farming in my home country. It is very interesting to see where my friends and classmates end up after finishing the master programme of animal science. I see several people continuing their academic careers as PhD students or research assistants both within Sweden as well as in other countries. Others pursue their careers in companies related to animal nutrition or genetics. Several friends of mine got a job related to policies and control of animal welfare. Not everybody knows what they want yet nor got a job instantly, but I am confident this will just be a matter of time.

“I believe that such an adventure as studying abroad enables you to grow as a person as well.”

I am thankful I have been able to be part of the master programme of animal sciences at SLU. It has been a wonderful time as well as a great foundation for my career. Not only the solid content of the programme, but I believe that such an adventure as studying abroad enables you to grow as a person as well. Living in Sweden made me more connected to nature and Swedish culture led me to new insights. I’ve enjoyed writing these blogs big time and I saw on the webpage that a new student in the Msc Animal Science programme already kicked off a new blog. So if you’d like to read more about what it’s like to be a student at SLU or what to expect of the animal science programme, please have a look at the page of Anna Darlene.

Ha det så bra,

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