Life without Darkness

Even though I’ve lived in Sweden now for almost two years, somehow I’ve always missed out on summer. My roommates were quite upset when I left last year early June, to come back end of August. “You survived all winter, but now you’re going to miss the best time of the year!”, Oskar would tell me with great concern. However, this year I am going to spend most of summer in Uppsala and I can tell you it’s been quite great so far. Honestly, today is the second time I even got sunburned. Not something to be proud of, I know… but I am just amazed by the strength of the sun!

Night sky at 3 am. It’s perhaps a tiny bit darker around 1-2 am, but not much really…

It seems like the sun is trying very hard to make up to us for her winter absence. Was she in winter only around for a few hours, now she just never wants to leave. Giving the night a nice glow, never allowing darkness to fall completely. These long summer nights create such a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Uppsala has gotten more empty now most students have left for summer break, yet those still around are enjoying themselves with barbecues, gardening, drinking on terraces, playing outdoor games and cocktail party’s. The grass area between the student housings here in the Flogsta area, has the nickname of ‘Flogsta beach’: People are laying around in their swimwear reading books, while others are playing beach-volley nearby.

Are you considering studying at SLU but worried about the weather? Well, I can not take away your fear for winter, but at least summer is a real thing, even here in Scandinavia 😉


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