Around Uppsala: The Botanical Garden

The large, elegant botanical garden of Uppsala is a place you’ll probably discover quite soon once you’re living here. Located centrally, opposite the famous and iconic Slott, and between several buildings of Uppsala University, it’s hard to miss. In winter time the garden seems quite sober and is for a large part not even open to visitors. However, it took me long enough to find out one of the garden’s best kept secrets: The Orangery.

“It’s such a pleasure to visit the place, a little bit like an escape to another world.”

Three different plant species in one photo  – the fruits on the left are figs

Most of the garden’s plants are housed in extremely large pots and live outside only seasonally. Before the cold Swedish winter kicks in they are moved into the orangery. This beautiful 200 years old, baroque building has high ceilings and plenty of windows to keep the plants and trees happy. It’s such a pleasure to visit the place, a little bit like an escape to another world. We recognised several species, such as fig trees, agave plants and freshly smelling laurel.

Such massive plant pots! Me for scale.

When my friend and me visited last week, we ran into one of the friendly staff members who told us enthusiastically about the plants. He explained that in springtime, about the beginning of May, there is a fun event day when the plants are moved back outside. A bit like the ‘ko-släpp‘ – the cow’s dance when they are allowed outside for the first time after winter – but for plants. I bet there will be a bit less of running and bucking but it sounds like it would still be worth a visit!

Feel like going for a wander yourself? During winter the orangery is opened Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Want to read more? You can find further information on the website of Destination Uppsala and Uppsala University. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply below.


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