Gott nytt år!

Gott nytt år! = Happy new year!

All the best wishes for 2017, may we all be as happy as these two little fellas. I saw this cheerful video passing by on my facebook wall and seeing farm animals playing around like that inspires me to work the best I can – hoping to contribute to improved welfare of animals in intensive farming. I’d like to see that expressing such natural behaviour would be possible for all farm animals one day. Not just the ones in sanctuaries!

Movie credits: The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

If you are considering to sign up for a programme at SLU this autumn, remember that the deadline to register is already the 16th of January. Don’t be late and start your application now at the official website of University Admissions. It can be quite time consuming as you will have to gather all different kind of documents to show you’re fulfilling the requirements. To apply for the master programme in Animal Sciences specifically, follow this link. Any questions? Feel free to ask them in the reply section below.



  1. For sure! amazing Rosan encouraging us to join you in the world of animal science, indeed I wish to apply for the course just mobilising necessary for me being eligible to persue. wishing you healthy,prosperous and productive 2017.

    1. Dear Gryson, thank you for your kind words. Wishing you all the best for 2017 as well and good luck with the application 🙂

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