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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

So I’ve been playing with this thought for a while. The thought to add something new to my blog. I really enjoy writing these posts for my blog and to me as an author the three already existing categories make a lot of sense. I hope they do as well from the reader’s perspective? However, I do wish my blog to inspire other people to study animal sciences and I think there is more to tell than my personal experiences posted in ‘Studies‘ only. I think it’s time to write my ideas down, because after all it’s not about ideas – it’s about making ideas happen 🙂

Therefore I’d like to start this new category. Here I will introduce you to other people and other perspectives. I will share the stories of fellow students, of alumni, perhaps researchers and farmers. What are the stories behind the faces? How are they enrolled in the field of animal sciences and what do they aim for in the future? Through personal interviews I’d like you to have a peek into the world of animal sciences. I often find my inspiration in the passion I see from the people around me: An absolutely amazing lecturer. An ambitious student explaining about an important project. A farmer showing how he takes care for his animals. I hope to inspire others by telling the stories of these wonderful people I find myself surrounded with.

With the Christmas holidays coming up it might take a little time for this category to take off, but I am looking much forward to start. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how you’d like this idea to take shape, you’re very welcome to leave a reply.



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