Around Uppsala: Ultuna

The first day I visited our campus Ultuna, I fell in love with it. I remember it well, biking down along Fyrisån river through fields and forest and finally finding myself surrounded by houses again. Beautiful old houses. But when biking a little further I stumbled upon impressive modern buildings. I don’t always like modern, but these were in their own way quite pretty. That first day I walked into Ulls hus – the main building – I noted the light, the space, the amazing use of wood and the funky furniture immediately. Talking to the receptionist I learned that this building had been taken into use just now, it had been finished over summer.

Colourful patch of flowers in front of VHC last spring. In the background you see
part of the Biocentrum (left), Ulls hus (right) and a bus approaching.

Not only Ulls hus is ‘new in town’. Recently Ultuna campus has grown a lot as a result of moving several departments and studies within SLU towards Uppsala. Other really stunning education buildings are the Biocentre and the MVM. One of the buildings I visit often as an animal science student is the ‘Veterinärmedicinskt och husdjursvetenskapligt centrum’, which everybody simply calls VHC. This building is not education and research only, it is directly connected with the university animal hospital. In practice this means that some days after class we walk straight into the veterinary clinic without leaving the building. However the passing through doors is strictly regulated so you’d better not forget your electronic keycard or you might find yourself waiting for a long time in front of some closed doors – I am telling you that from my own experience, ahum.

The last rays of sunlight reflecting on the windows of the illuminated Biocentre,
photo was taken yesterday.

Yes, Ultuna campus is definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re a student or not, there is a lot to see. There are some nice parks and there is a historical walk as the area used to be a Viking settlement in earlier times. If you’re into architecture make sure to visit during the opening hours so you can see the buildings from the inside as well. Curious already? Check out this article I found about the amazing woodwork within Ulls hus. Ultuna campus is easily accessible by public transport, but there are also excellent biking trails.

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  1. I think your articles are very inspiring. It is not only because I am your aunt. When I am there next month, I will surely visit some of these places. The article about the woodwork in Ultuna is really amazing.

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