Social dancing

Student life in Uppsala is generally pretty exciting. I would say this is mainly due to the Nations which organize a large variety of activities. I am planning to explain a bit more on what the Nations are and do in another post, but today I want to tell you all about one particular activity: Dancing. Uppsala loves dancing. Every type of dancing! There is a lot going on in this vibrant small city, and lots of it is not for students only. Social dancing – in the sense of partner dancing – is quite big here, and if you ask me, lots of fun!

“The teachers, usually students as well, are great dancers themselves and create a very easygoing, friendly atmosphere.”

There are several dancing schools in Uppsala that offer social dance. The varieties differ, but in my experience I would say that the most popular types are lindyhop, salsa, bachata and kizomba. The dancing schools offer substantial courses that will teach you any type of dance during weekly sessions given over a certain period. These are paid courses, though from what I’ve heard it’s really worth it and the teachers are professionals. Occasionally the dancing schools organize an event which includes an introduction lesson, sometimes combined to a party.

Social dance after Latin class at Värmlands Nation
Photo: Sercan Caglarca

Another option are the dance classes at the Nations. I love these! Both Värmlands and Smålands Nation organize latin dance classes (salsa + bachata) and recently Värmlands added kizomba to their programme. The classes are progressive, but beginners are always welcome and they start every class with a short rehearsal of the basics. I guess you won’t make progress as fast compared to a real course, but still there is a lot to learn. The teachers, usually students as well, are great dancers themselves and create a very easygoing, friendly atmosphere. There are often people represented from all over the world and as you change partner all the times during class you get to know a lot of different people.

To me, learning a new social dance is a bit like learning a new language. If you get the idea on the rhythm, it’s only a matter of adding dancing elements to ‘extend your vocabulary’. And like with language, if you know more words, its easier to have fun together. Wherever you come, if people know the basics of the same dance you can join! I can recommend it to anyone 🙂 If you want to find out more, have a look at the website of Uppsala Danscenter, Swingkatten or join the facebook dancing groups of Smålands and Värmlands. And of course, feel free to ask or comment below.



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