Around Uppsala: Lunsentorpet

Southeast of Uppsala there is a beautiful forest area called Lunsen. It is not far away from campus at all, next to lake Ekoln and on the border to Sävja, where I went picking mushrooms a little while ago. In the middle of this forest there is a clearing where people have built some basic facilities to rest and refresh before continuing your hike. There is a pump providing drinking water, places to build a fire, an old fashioned hut-type toilet and… a cabin!

The hut of Lunsentorpet
Photo: Roos Goessen, edited by me

At first arrival you may think the place does not look extremely inviting. But don’t judge too quickly. The outside of the hut may appear a little grim, but once you’re inside it’s extremely cosy. There is a small living room, including some cooking facilities and a wood stove. Besides that there is a small bedroom offering mattresses for six people. Its all extremely basic, but its robust and appreciated by many people. Having a look at the guestbook will make you realize how a lot of different people have happy memories here 🙂

You don’t have to pay to stay here, but you can’t make any reservations. If you want to make sure you have a place to sleep go early, or bring some air mattresses with you, just in case. Besides the hut there is a grass area where people can also camp. If you want to have a very Swedish experience; gather some friends and hike through Lunsen, build a fire and sleep over in this cabin. It will be worth it.


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