Around Uppsala: Flogsta

Flogsta… where to begin? First of all, Flogsta is not a touristy place. There won’t be a page in the lonely planet, there is no natural wonder or any real must-see around here. Yet I would like to add Flogsta into this category I started of places worth a visit in and around Uppsala. Flogsta is one of the main living areas for students and ‘a little special’. It is rumoured for it’s wild party’s, famous for it’s 10 o’ clock scream but actually a really nice area to live.

Flogsta during autumn. In front the low-rises, the skyline is dominated by the high-rises.

A long, long time ago Flogsta was not a neighbourhood of Uppsala, but a former village on its own. The name shows up in literature dating back to the 1300’s, and is based on the old Swedish word Floe meaning something like a ‘body of water, less swamp’. There is still a swampy area, sort of mini-river running along here. Nowadays Flogsta is easy to recognize due to the seven story high buildings, built on top of a hill. There are sixteen of these so called high-rises and twelve of them are home to students only. The apartments date back from the sixties and on each floor you will find two corridors with twelve student rooms each. Corridor parties – BYOB! – can go really crazy here. Last year at the end of the spring term, a whole building teamed up and organized a massive party, offering different types of music on each floor.

Next to the high-rises there is also an area of low-rises, which offer more apartment style housing to a mixture of students and other people. These blocks of houses look very uniform and the numbering system is supposed to be based on the shape of a snailhouse, but in practice everybody simply gets lost. Even the dog of a friend of mine who lives here consequently messes up to find its way home…

“Every night starting at exactly 10 pm, students will go out on their balconies to scream as loud as possible.”

Then there is this Flogsta scream. Every night starting exactly at 10 pm, students will go out on their balconies to scream as loud as possible. The exact history is unknown, but the behaviour started somewhere in the seventies and it is nowadays a long standing tradition. Screaming at any other time of day or night will not be appreciated nor replied to by other screamers. And make sure you’re ready at 10 pm, punctuality is everything in Sweden. Perfect let-out for all your exam stress!

If you search ‘Flogsta scream’  on youtube you will find several homemade movies like this one, by fabianll

So now you’ve heard enough about Flogsta’s ‘wild side’. I want to add a little to this post showing you what I appreciate most: The stunning location. Flogsta is situated on the Western edge of Uppsala and surrounded by hilly fields and forest. There is a very popular loop that goes roughly from the low-rises to Kvarnbo(an old mill), Håga and back. Any time of day you will walk into people walking their dogs, bikers, runners and horse-riders. I enjoy going running here but this time I took my camera with me and went for a hike instead, so I could make a good shot of my favourite spot:

My favourite place, from the bridge near Kvarnbo

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  1. Oii, nice post! I’ve also been wanting to write about Flogsta, but it felt weird to do it since I don’t live there. Very cool pictures, as always 🙂


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