The Welcoming Weeks

At the start of the semester the Ultuna Student Union organizes activities for the new students to get to know each other. There are activities in Swedish for the new bachelor students and a (partly) separate programme for the exchange and master students in English. As I enjoyed these activities a lot last year I was really happy to help out organizing them this year and took part in one of the organizing committees. It can be difficult to move to a place where you don’t know anyone and I think during these activities a lot of new friendships are made.

DSC_0133   DSC_0188
Outdoors crazy dance class, we were really lucky with the weather!

The programme consists off a wide range of activities. A few formal moments, but mainly lots of bbqs, picnics and games to just enjoy an easy afternoon after a day full of classes. Besides that there are more special activities to get to know Uppsala and the campus better, such as a historical tour and visit to the nations. And then there are more ‘active’ days with a dance class to learn some funny, crazy dance and a hike into the forest. I think the forest hike is my favourite part, even though we seem to get lost every year! In general everything is pretty laid-back and very gezellig – a Dutch expression I wish I could translate, but unfortunately cosy does not really cover it.

DSC_0350   DSC_0347 DSC_0355
Forest hike, afterwards we had a bbq in the middle of the forest of Håga

It was really great to be part of the activities once more this year – from ‘the other side’ – but I was not too sad when it had finally finished. You’d be surprised to see how much time goes into preparing all of it and the weeks themselves are extremely fun, but also exhausting. However it was absolutely worth it and I don’t doubt that there will be enough enthusiastic students this year to take over next year 🙂


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