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Hi there!

My name is Robin Meijer.

I’m a masters- student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ agroecology program. Here I study sustainable development of pretty much all subjects related to food production. I enrolled in the program in September 2015 and I will be finished by the end of 2017. During this time I hope to share my experiences and thoughts from the university as a whole, the program and its courses. If you have any questions, please ask. Either in the form of a comment, a mail ( or by reaching out to me on Twitter. If you’re interested in knowing more about who I am, you can visit my personal homepage at: If you want the short version of what agroecology is, and both offer good explanations by renowned scientists in our field.

On the horizon, we see a storm brewing, and with all the chaos going on in the world – it’s easy to lose hope. But we can all do our parts in working towards a more sustainable future. After all, what is the alternative? Join the food movement, talk about sustainable development with people, and definitely have a look at what the masters-program at SLU could offer you.

Hope to hear from you,



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