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Sometimes the weeks just fly past without anything really spectacular happening, which makes writing a blog about things happening really hard. These past two weeks have been intense, full of fun stuff going down both at, and off campus – offering opportunities to write long and content rich posts.. Maybe even too many posts? 😉

Last week marked the annual recurrence of SLU Alnarp’s Agroecology Day, an event focusing on the current state of our food system, its inherent problems, and ideas to make it more sustainable. The day started at around 11, when those who wanted were given the opportunity to tour our campus and learn of its history. Shortly thereafter, people poured in to get registered for the main event, taking place from 12.30 until 19.00, ending with a dinner before people started dropping off.

The organizers managed to create a unique Agroecology Day, sporting both farmers from different countries, pedagogues with permaculture backgrounds, as well as people involved in NGO’s working with agroecology. Farmers told stories of their pasts and what they dreamt of in the future, while the teachers focused more on how we can educate people to be more sustainable and healthy citizens. The day was wrapped up in two steps, one by Peter Gubbels from Groundswell International – who highlighted many of the problems our current industrial food system faces, before finishing in a positive tone, showing how farmer-to-farmer innovation can solve many of these issues, and finally, a talk by our professor Erik Steen Jensen. He began by summarizing what had been said during the day, before talking about the agroecology program, and the newly formed organization Agroecology Europe.

All in all, I think the day offered both old and new acquaintances of agroecology a better understanding of agroecology as a science, movement and a practice, giving people a glimpse of the problems our food system is facing, and just like last year, I can’t wait to see what next year’s students will concoct!

Have a great week!



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