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I’m currently on the train down to Alnarp to attend this year’s Agroecology Day, and I’m so psyched! Can’t believe it’s already been a year since me and my team organized the very same event. Glad I’ll be sitting in the crowd this time, not a worry in the world, enjoying whatever the new agroecology students have cooked up.

Tomorrow, weather permit, I’ll finally head out into the field to collect my soil samples – something I’ve been waiting to do for weeks. After that, hopefully I’ll get back in the zone again to do some good writing. These past few weeks have been slow on that front.

In fact, to pass the time doing something productive, I’ve been planting apple trees out at Lönnstorp last week. Lönnstorp is a field research station located outside of Alnarp, featuring some 20-30 experiments with lots of incredibly fascinating stuff going on. The apple trees we planted went into SAFE, SITES Agroecological Field Experiment – a long term experiment meant to compare whole agroecosystems, rotations, the whole ten yards.

Always enjoy coming out to Lönnstorp, looking at the experiments and discussing problems and solutions with the people working there. But this time it felt extra gratifying – being able to contribute and help with an experiment with such profound possibilities to study agriculture, ecology, agroecology and sustainability.

If you want to know more about SAFE check it out here:

Or keep an eye out, and I’ll post a piece on it in a while!


Time to go, train’s approaching the station!




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