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It’s Thursday and the sun is ”out”! What a delight 😊

This has so far been a very interesting week. Yesterday I went to a public talk at the Helsingborg library to listen to Ann-Helen Meyer von Bremen – a famous food writer in Sweden. In her talk “who has the power over your grocery bag?” (rough translation) she touched upon many of the problems faced by both producers and consumers in today’s food system – with a focus on Sweden, plus several international outlooks. Having studied agroecology for almost two years now, most of the things she brought up didn’t come as a surprise to me. But it was cool to hear someone talk about these problems from a Swedish point of view. Most of the series and movies (documentaries) available on the web today focus on the United States, and although many of the things we see happening there can be generalized in other western societies, there are differences.

It was a fascinating talk, and the room was so full many people actually had to stand. But people were mesmerized. It was so fun to see. The crowd included people of all age groups, but I actually think that the majority were <40 years old.

After the talk, a newly formed non-profit organization called “Helsingbogs Matkooperativ” or Helsingborg Food Cooperative entered the stage and presented their Kickstarter campaign – which too garnered a lot of interest. They’ve managed to get a contract for a store focusing on selling locally sourced and organic foods right in the middle of downtown Helsingborg – an incredibly exciting development! I became a member last night, hoping to contribute with my two cents; this stuff is really needed!

I’ll probably talk more about this in future posts, but if you’re interested to learn more (and know Swedish..) check out their homepage here:




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