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This week I’ve written a few paragraphs in the discussion of my thesis, met with my supervisor to discuss our trip to the US, and finally, spent a whole lot of time cleaning our home, baking, and cooking food – the latter being a lot more entertaining than the former..

We’re about 1/4 in on our experiment to bake our own bread for an entire year, and our sourdough loaves are getting better and better. It’s an incredibly fun journey learning to bake from scratch, but it’s also very transformative. The amount of patience and planning you go through.. it’s a real test. A character building test, I believe ;). If I get kids, and said kids want us to buy a dog, I’ll definately make them┬ástart and sustain a sourdough for a few months before I give in.

Next week I’ll spend a lot of time in Alnarp, drilling soil samples and starting with my data collection. It’s gonna be great to finally get out there and move towards receiving my final results.

More on that later.

Happy easter!



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