The Agroecology Program at SLU: What to Expect?

When I started on the agroecology program almost a year ago, I had a lot of expectations. The whole class did. So what should you expect if you happen to enroll – and get accepted into the agroecology program at SLU?

The best answer to this is probably: don’t expect anything; do your own research and look into what courses are included in the program (see under course schedule) – what these courses promise to teach you – and draw your own conclusions. But if that isn’t enough, perhaps my blog could be of some use? Before leaving for summer’s break I decided to summarize what the first year of the program was like. You can find these summaries here and here.

But a part from all this, what else should you expect?

Well, on a more general level, here are a few points:

  1. By joining the agroecology master’s at SLU, you’ll be studying and contributing to the development of a relatively young program trying to make a stand against conventional agricultural thinking. Very few students outside of the program know what agroecology is, so expect that you’ll have to enlighten a lot of people!
  2. You’ll meet people from all over the world (we’re talking Japan, Taiwan, the US, Germany, Zimbabwe, the Maldives… and of course, Sweden, among many others)
  3. You’ll learn to see agricultural issues from many different viewpoints (socio-economic/ecological perspectives, and the viewpoints of people from all over the world)
  4. You’ll be looking for a golden bullet that will forever change the food system for the better (hint: it doesn’t exist, we need changes on all levels and areas within the food system)
  5. You might fall in love with Alnarp, and want to stay there (lots of people do!)

I could go on, but I can’t tell you the whole story. You’ll just have to apply and come see for yourself!

But as I’ve written many times, you’re always welcome to send me your questions. I might not answer right away, but I always do.



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