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This week’s been wicked. Lots to do with the student union right now, mostly related to the graduation ceremony I’m helping organize this fall. But finally – it’s weekend. What a great time to catch up with school assignments.. and blog posts! The upside: I can sleep in (til 8.00 at least) the downside?: still can’t get my mind off of school. The solution?

Pretend what I’m doing is not school work, just leisure. The beer helps (now that today’s headache has finally subsided).

So what’s up? Well, I’ve got some stuff to do this weekend, evidently.. But I’ll save that for tomorrow’s or sunday’s post.

Other news? I’ve become a co-owner of a small garden allotment – superexcited!

Got a call from a friend a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in growing some food next season. Cool stuff, I said. So we met up and took a look at the plot – which hadn’t been attended for all year – meaning that it was covered by weeds. To an agroecologist, that’s interesting.

What weeds grow there? Why? What can we learn from them? But let’s go meta for a while. What is a weed, really? Now that’s interesting! To me, a weed is a plant that you don’t want growing in a particular spot. However – what you perhaps should be asking yourself is – what is this plant? – is it edible? If it is then you should consider yourself a happy person. You’ve got something growing like crazy that you can eat. Make use of nature. Don’t fight it if you dont have to.

Luckily, this happened to us. Many¬†of the plants already growing on the plot are actually edible. Sure – most of it belongs to the mint or mentha genus – but at least it’s edible!

Guess we’ll be drinking lots of mohito this fall (non-alcoholic, of course!)

Smelling the plants pretending I’ve got a clue.

That’s it for tonight. Enjoy your evening and see you soon!




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