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Teaching at the UN-IHE

Swedish version below.

Close to midsummer, Björn Vinnerås was in Delft teaching students from the new MSc program in Sanitation at the UN-IHE. The lectures were in the module of “Sanitation Technology” talking about pathogens and hygienisation technologies. Lectures ended up discussing four case studies on how to manage a recycling sanitation system without spreading any diseases. A really inspiring group of students eager to learn and discuss this topic. They will be a good resource in the future of on-site sanitation and reuse of plant nutrients.            The new MSc program in Sanitation at UN-IHE, Delft PC: Shirish Singh

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Questionnaire design and mangement course

Prithvi Simha, Doctoral Candidate in our research group attended a week long course between 14-18 May 2018, in Kaunas, Lithuania. The course was organised by the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University (NOVA) Network and co-ordinated by Prof. Ulf Emanuelson, SLU. The course tackled several key issues regarding the design of questionnaires, respondent psychology, biases, and statistical tools for dealing with missing data/non-response such as multiple imputations. Course participants at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences campus, Kaunas.                PC: Ulf Emanuelson

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De fick möjlighet att lära sig den nya flugan: kurs i modulbaserad fluglarvsbehandling

English version below.
Vår endagskurs i modulbaserad fluglarvsbehandlingsystem är i hög efterfrågan. Efter det första kurstillfället i december 2017, anordnades kursen igen den 14 mars 2018 med 8 deltagare från olika svenska företag och universitet.

Foto: Viktoria Wiklicky

På morgonen gav Cecilia Lalander och Evgheni Ermolaev en introduktion till det modulbaserade systemkonceptet utvecklat på SLU och möjligheterna till avfallshantering med hjälp av den amerikanska vapenflugan och detaljer om både flygodlings- och avfallshanteringsmodulerna presenterades.
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Research-Policy Interaction for Sustainable Development

Prithvi Simha, PhD student at the Kretsloppsteknik group attended a course on research-policy interaction at the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV). The course was given as part of the ‘Water Research School‘ for PhD students in Sweden, of which several candidates from our group are part of. The course involved creating a research-to-policy plan related to Prithvi’s PhD research on urine dehydration, understanding models for stakoholder interaction and learning to effectively communicate with policymakers. Course participants also got to hear from Johan Kuylenstierna, former CEO of Stockholm Environmental Institute, on his personal experiences of science-policy interaction. Course participants from the Water Research School; PC – Linda Kanders

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Molecular Methods course in Finland

Jenna Senecal attended a course on Molecular Methods for Detection of Food- and Waterborne Pathogens in Helsinki, Finland (04.03.2018-08.03.2018). The course was taught and attended by top researchers  from the Nordic countries. She learned about the latest available technologies for DNA extraction and analyses being used for detecting pathogenic strains of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Group Photo with PCR

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