Breeding companies in Belgium and The Netherlands

As part of the ISP in Ghent I had the chance to visit different breeding companies in Belgium and The Netherlands. It was a great opportunity to realize about the breeding sector, which is by far one of the biggest in agriculture. Before coming to Ghent, I did not know that these region was well known for hosting some of the biggest breeding companies and seed producers in Europe and the world. Most of these companies started as family companies that have been breeding new plants for generations and managed through generations by the family line.

However, competition is tough and not all companies have survived to Bayer and Monsanto – companies that are by far the biggest in the market and will be soon merged. To coup with this, the companies we visited have had to either focus on very specific niche such as ornamental plants (mostly flowers) or merge with other small companies to be relevant in such a competed field.

We visited Gediflora, a Belgian company that breeds chrysanthemum and is even commercializing chrysanthemum scented Belgian beer; Exotic Plants, a family company which has become the world leader for breeding Bromeliaceas; Bejo a Dutch company that breeds different kinds of vegetables and are world leaders in onion breeding; Royal van Zanten that have specialized in Alstromelia and Redunculus and who happen to have a large extension of their production in Bogotá (!) and Anthura, who are leaders in Anthurium and Phalaenopsis orchids.


3 thoughts on “Breeding companies in Belgium and The Netherlands

  1. Hello,my name is Ishmael and I have an unconditional offer to pursue a MSc plant science course at Wageningen university this September 2017.I plan on majoring in plant breeding and genetics. I want to know if any known company affiliated to you can support me with paying for my education and probably do my thesis in an area of interest to your company and work for you after graduating.Thank you.

  2. Hello Ishmael, I am not affiliated to any company at the moment. This post was related to a study visit part of the European Plant Breeding College. Maybe try to contact these companies directly.



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