Bon Voyage!

Hej, hej!

As some of you might have realized, I was quite inactive latey – at least on this blog. In real life I was actually extremely busy. While I was waiting for the result of my master thesis, I tried to start the process of metamorphosis  from student to working life. Let me tell you that it has been a scary half year with many emotional ups and downs.

However, I was really lucky and have started two extremely interesting and challenging jobs now, one as a research assistant and one as a course coordinator. Together with my colleague and friend Friedi I am actually organizing the CEMUS course I have taken myself last year. Working at CEMUS is a real pleasure. It is such an inspiring place and I hope I can welcome some of you in our course next semester!

At GEDB (Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere), a research program at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, I work on a project on antibiotic resistances together with an ecologist. This is extremely challenging, but also exciting for me. Conducting research in an interdisciplinary team is something special and very rewarding. It’s astonishing how during every small talk I am learning something new.

So as some of you might guess, this post is meant to say “Adieu” and to thank you all for reading and sending me questions. If you are about to start your studies I want to welcome you to SLU and Uppsala already: I think you’ve made a great choice. If you are already studying here (or elsewhere) and you are afraid about the future: Don’t stress. No really: DO NOT STRESS!!! Enjoy your study time and look forward to thrilling departures into the real life.

Hopefully someone will take over this blog after the summer and keep you posted about student life in Uppsala. Although I often did not invest the amount of time I aspired to, I have really enjoyed writing this blog – and I pray that a few of you enjoyed reading it 😀 There are many more things that I have planned for the future, one of them being another blog. It is a cooperation with two fellow graduates and still in its infancy, but it will deal – in one way or another – with economics and sustainability. This will be the domain, so if you want to, please pay us a visit, we will soon get started!

Another big thanks to all of you. I wish you all the best for your future and hope to see many of you in Uppsala!

Ha det så bra!



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