Where to Fika in Uppsala

Hej, hej!

Many of you might have heard about one of the most famous – and definitely one of the cosiest – Swedish traditions: Fika (= Coffee break). Swedes fikar all the time. You can have a breakfast fika or afternoon fika; you can eat cake and cookies, or savory dishes (like Smörgåstarta); you can have it with friends, family or colleagues at work, at school, at home, outside, …

The weather is almost suitable for outside-fika!
Well, the river is still frozen…

As you see fika is a very broad and flexible concept. It usually involves coffee, though (sometimes tea). Today I just want to give you two hints of really nice cafés in Uppsala. One is Café Linné and the other one is Storken. Both are located very central downtown, offer a broad variety of really tasty food at reasonable prices (for Swedish standards at least^^).

This is Café Linné (I had already eaten my brownie when I realized I wanted to take pictures :D)

Inside Café Linné
Sofas and armchairs dominate at Linné and give it a homey feel
Café Linné is located right next to the Linné Museum in the Northern part of the centre

Below are some delicacies at Storken. It is located centrally at Stora Torget


The tempting kitchen counter…
Mhhh, carrot cake!

So, if you are in Uppsala and you want to try something else than the student nations, I can recommend these two affordable and cosy “shabby-chic” places.

Happy fika!

Franzi 🙂


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