UltiMat Ultuna – Part 2

Hej allihoppa!

Last Monday was the pick-up date for the January food orders at UltiMat, so here comes the second part of the experience!

After studying at SLU during the day on Monady I went to pick up my order in Ulls Hus between 5 and 6 in the afternoon. I think that is about the same time always. You can pay your order in advance by transfering the money. Otherwise you can also swish or pay in cash (If you have the exact amount) when you pick it up.

There were quite some people there and the food was all nicely set up. You could even try out some products (cheese, mhhhh…). I got a list with the things I ordered and then I walked around to collect everything. I bought eggs, honey, garlic, kohlrabi (turnip cabbage), flour and several types of beetroots. I was a little disappointed, because I ordered mixed kohlrabi, but then only got one of one type. My favorite pick was definitely the honey. I recently had honey from a farm in Björklinge, which lies about 20 km North of Uppsala. A friend of mine who was wwoofing over there in September gave me this honey and I really loved it. So I was secretly hoping the one they have at UltiMat would be as good. And guess what: it was actually that exact honey I got! Yeay! I also think that compared to the local or regional honeys in the supermarket it was very reasonably priced (50 SEK).

Beyond are two creations with the beets: (1) A kind of beet-slaw with hering, apple and dill and (2) a dip/ sandwich spread with feta cheese, garlic, red beets and cumin (A half is gone already). 🙂


What I really appreciate is that UltiMat has started sending out information about the board meetings to all members. Also they announced to add more information about the producers on their website. You can also find more info and some pictures on UltiMat’s facebook page!

I hope some of you got interested and want to try ordering as well. I’m sure I’ll do it again.

Thanks for reading and have a nice evening!


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