The Småland Transition

I still can’t believe it, but about two weeks ago I wrote my last exam. I’m not gonna lie to you: it’s an amazing feeling and a great relief to have all the “course work” done. Apart from that I am really excited about working on my master thesis for the next months. While it is a little scary it is also a totally different way of working and THE final spurt, of course.

To celebrate being exam-free and to make the transition towards the thesis mind-set, me and some friends went to a cabin in Småland in Southern Sweden last week. It was a great decision. We worked on our theses a few hours every day and spent the rest of the time out in the forest and in the sauna. I always tend to forget how purifying and recovering nature can be. Now I feel super relaxed and ready to focus on my thesis project, which by the way deals with behavioral effects in the choice of transportation modes, broadly spoken.

Here are some pictures from Småland (credit to Johanna T. for all of them):

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