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Allt ljus på Uppsala

To make bearing the long autumn nights easier and to fight darkness depression, Uppsala is holding its fifth annual light festival this month.

On Friday night I took a stroll through town with a friend to take a closer look at several of the objects. We were actually so fascinated by most of the installations that we didn’t manage to do the whole tour. But hopefully I will finish the tour another night.

However, before I felt like a popsicle I managed to take some pictures, which I want to share with you. I warmly recommend everyone who is in Uppsala in November to get out there in the dark and take a look at these bright beauties.


Next to most of the light installations we found signs, indicating the idea behind the object. This one was called Början (engl. The Beginning) and was to be a tale of the birth of the universe.


That is my friend Sachi in a light installation which looks very unspectacular on the picture. The clue was that some kind of light show started when you came close. The title of this object was Perspektiv (Perspective). Our daily problems often feel overwhelming. When you enter the piece and  and stand still to look into the stars once when the light show finishes, you should feel as a part of the universe instead of its centre. Even though it was not the best photo  scene, I think it represents an amazing idea. Sachi looks like a really joyful part of the universe, don’t you think?


The church is obviously the centrepiece of everything here in Uppsala and I must say that its illumination looks just stunning. I love this particular view on it, where the river seems like it’s on fire. Very dramatic.


This piece was really, really cool, too. It has been made by four landscape architecture students from SLU. It  is called Attraktionskraft ( Attraction) and attracting it was indeed. It felt like you might be sucked through that wormhole 😀


One last installation I really liked was Fångade stjärnor (Captured Stars) – a tale of how to catch stars.

The light festival is still running until the 27th of November and I hope you will get a chance to look at it. I will definitely go again to check out the installations I have missed. You can find more information about the festival in Swedish and English here!

Ha det så bra! (= Take care!)


Winter Wonderland

Much earlier than last year, the onset of winter has arrived here in Sweden.  It happened quite suddenly. The first bit of snow fell last week, but the last two days have been crazy. I was about to write about Pareto’s first Economic Forum tonight, but the guest lecturer couldn’t make it to Uppsala because of the snow!

So I thought I’ll delay the other post and give you some impressions of the truly winterly weather instead. Enjoy!



Before most of the snow had fallen on SLU campus today


My poor little bike

Pareto Gasque

I must first of all say sorry for the little break. Since the last weeks were really busy for me, I didn’t find the time to blog. Hopefully I’ll manage to make it up to you with many high quality posts during the next weeks.

This Thursday it was time once again for a gasque: a very traditional combination of a more or less formal dinner and a (definitely much less formal) party. And this one was a very special one, if you ask me. It was Pareto’s second gasque for this year – and also its second gasque ever.

Pareto is the student organization of the economics master students at Uppsala University. They arrange study visits, case competitions, course evaluations and are the students’ connection to the department.

Even though Pareto is established at Uppsala University, they have always been very welcoming towards us SLU students as well. Until very recently I was part of the board and mainly involved in planning social events and the welcome activities for this year’s new students. While I left the board to make room for the “new generation”, I am still a member of Pareto and I love to visit their events. So naturally I attended their gasque at Gästrike-Hälsinge Nation on Thursday. The topic was masquerade, so people looked absolutely spectacular. It was so much fun to see how people interpreted the topic.

A polaroid from the pre-party: Can’t decide which mask or girl I love most!

I am sure the Pareto gasques will become a great and long tradition, as you meet so many friends and familiar faces at these events. To me the economics students often feel like a big family, so I really, really enjoyed that night full of fun speeches, singing, dancing, eating & drinking and even some stand-up comedy.

Except for the fact that the toilets are renovated at the moment, GH was a pretty good choice as a location. The food was very good and the rooms looked great. Of course that was mainly thanks to Anna and Unn, who proved exceptional party planning skills in this event.

Another person who should be applauded was Alex, who did a really great job with the music. The dancefloor was constantly packed until they kicked us out! 🙂

Everyone who doesn’t know about Pareto yet should check out their homepage and facebook site, where we’ll hopefully find some pictures of the gasque soon.

Have a great start into the week!


Even John Maynard Keynes attended the event