4th of October – Kanelbullens Dag

If there is one thing Swedish people love – it will be their fika. Fika is not just a simple coffee break. It is more of a social institution or a tradition. No day in Sweden passes without it. While fika technically means having a (preferably hot) beverage alongside with some pastries or other snacks, it stands for so much more. It means taking the time for a break with friends, colleagues, fellow students, etc. to socialize and to chat about all kinds of issues. That has to happen at least once per day and I love it.

Now one of the most traditional bites to have with your coffee is the famous cinnamon bun. Even though normally it could be anything else, the 4th October is the official cinnamon bun day in Sweden (Kanelbullens Dag in Swedish) and of course I didn’t dare having anything else for fika then coffee and cinnamon buns.

Cinnamon – as well as coffee – has quite a long tradition in Sweden, dating back to the 16th and 18th century, respectively. While nowadays the common cinnamon bun  with its whirl shape almost looks like a snail shell, there are – and have been – plenty of other forms. You can find lots of recipes out there, but the basic ingredients are flour, butter, yeast, sugar, milk and – of course – cinnamon. Swedes often use cardamom in the dough, too.

Honestly: What Beats Coffee & Cinnamon Buns?

Even though Kanelbullens Dag is a commercial holiday – whereof I am usually not a great fan – I cannot resist these tasty buns. Especially not if my roommate made them! <3

BTW: This is the official Cinnamon Bun Day website!



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