Change of Season

If you would ask me to pick my favorite season of the year, I’d have a really hard time to decide. Yet the answer would certainly not be autumn. While winter usually enchants me completely with its ice and snow, spring always awakens my spirits of optimism and summer makes me more adventurous. Autumn and I in fact have a slightly more difficult relationship.

And while my dearest Sri Lankan friend Sachi recently highlighted the benefits of the constant warm weather back home, I feel like there is something magical about each change of season. Especially, when the weather presents itself like here in Uppsala at the moment. So today I just want to send out some impressions from what has truly felt like the first autumn weekend of the year – along with some of the awesome things awaiting us now.

– Picking mushrooms and berries in the forest (even though basically everything is empty by now)

Stunning Forests Around Uppsala


– Enjoying all the nice autumn food: It’s finally cold enough to have soup again, and a lot of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. (of course going with some nice pastries), let alone all those apples you can find everywhere right now!

Harvest Time – You’ll Find Berries And Apples Everywhere


– You have a good excuse to stay in bed if it’s a rainy day

A Little Lunch Walk With Friends Today

– 4 October is the official cinnamon bun day (Kanelbullens Dag)

Stunning Colors In The City As Well


– 35th International Short Film Festival (24-30 October)

– And so on…



Seems like Swedish autumn is not so bad after all 😉

Have a great start into this week!


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