The Moose Dinner

I have finally done it. Even though I have always hoped to see a moose in the forest rather than to eat one, I didn’t neglect the opportunity to try this traditional Swedish meal.

DSC_0473 - Kopie
Right out of The Oven

One of my roommates’ father is a hunter, so her parents had given her quite a big piece of moose meat, which she wasn’t able to eat all by herself. So without further ado we cooked a really nice dinner last Monday. I actually have to admit that rather than preparing I was only eating, since I had an evening class.

My roomies served a chanterelles sauce, potatoes, salad and lingonberries with the meat. It was so delicious and I am grateful for the meal as well as the awesome company. The only drawback was that we had forgotten the wine 🙁

However, if you eat meat I really recommend you to try it!

DSC_0476 - Kopie
The Almost Final Version: I Forgot to Capture The Longonberries


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