A group of sheeps on the field.

Our latest airborne LiDAR acquisition

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Today I was doing some first analyzes of our latest airborne LiDAR acquisition in Remningstorp. I found a few cool stuffs in the visual checks of the data. The screen shot above shows a group of sheeps grazing on a field.

The route planned for todays automatic flight.

UAV flights

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The first of Ljungbergslabbets three multirotors is now flying. The hexacopter is built of a Tarot T810 frame and 3DR Pixhawk autopilot. The rest of the parts are designed with the goal of flying well with a total weight of 7kg. At the moment we have equipped the copter with a camera for image matching,… Fortsätt läsa UAV flights

Eva Lindberg receives KSLA prize for her PhD dissertation

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The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (Kungliga Skogs- och Lantbruksakademiens or KSLA) has selected the 2015 recipients of prizes and awards for meritorious accomplishments within academia. Among these is TeknD Eva Lindberg, who received the prize for an outstanding PhD dissertation. Her dissertation was titlted ”Estimation of Canopy Structure and Individual Trees from Laser Scanning… Fortsätt läsa Eva Lindberg receives KSLA prize for her PhD dissertation

Henrik Persson defended his PhD dissertation 12 December

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Henrik Persson successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled ”Estimation of forest parameters using 3D satellite data – Stereogrammetry, radargrammetry and interferometry” on the 12th of December. His opponent was Professor Svein Solberg, from the Norsk institutt for skog og landskap. Henrik’s thesis focused on using different types of three-dimensional (3D) satellite data sources to accurately estimate forest… Fortsätt läsa Henrik Persson defended his PhD dissertation 12 December

Projects granted by the Swedish National Space Board

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In the recent annual calls from the Swedish National Space Board (Rymdstyrelsen), two proposals were funded where a member from the Section was the main applicant. Johan Fransson received a grant for the research project ”Retrieval of forest biomass and biomass change with spaceborne SAR” which will run from 2015-16. The objective of the research project is… Fortsätt läsa Projects granted by the Swedish National Space Board

Drones in the swedish news

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The swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote an article about drones last Sunday. The article can be found on DN’s webpage: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/vetenskap/dronare-och-forarlosa-ubatar-hjalper-forskarna-att-forsta In the last sentences you can read about our new remote sensing lab, Ljungbergslaboratoriet.

Visit from New Zealand

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Today Jonathan Dash from the Forest Research Institute of Scion in New Zealand (www.scionresearch.com) arrived for a visit. He’s  here to learn about the forest assessment work our group is doing with airborne LiDAR, lower cost alternatives to LiDAR (such as point clouds from image matching), terrestrial laser scanning, and UAVs. The exchange is mutual,… Fortsätt läsa Visit from New Zealand

Mattias visar upp labbets stolthet, en multirotor som kan lyfta med totalt 7kg!

Opening of Ljungbergslaboratoriet

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On the 23rd of October, the opening ceremony and open house was held at the new remote sensing lab, Ljungbergslaboratoriet. The lab includes top modern remote sensing equipment such as a terrestrial laser scanner, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with cameras and state of the art computers for processing 3D point clouds. The lab will… Fortsätt läsa Opening of Ljungbergslaboratoriet