Welcome to the first frontier

Welcome to the MSD program blog!

4 months done and just as much to go… This year! Good work Erik! Shall see if one can manage to find some internship next autumn, which would mean nearly zero classrooms next year. This semester we´re going to spend most time at Ultuna (SLU) which means lesser favorable mornings. It also means a little more intense studying by various reasons. The 10.15 mornings at Uppsala University has been greatly diluted by 08.00 (sharp-mornings). New semester; new tasks and thereby new issues to get confused about together depending on one’s background since before.

The first 30 credits are nearly done. The class still wrestles the Christmas (holyday) resilience oriented group works that´s being dragged along. The new courses: Environmental assessment and System analysis for sustainable development just came round the corner and I must say I have a some trouble sorting out the two right now. Just as it should be obviously.

The new word is “systems”. I´ll count systems along with the sheep during nights soon. Focal systems and wicked problems from talk the talk still lingers like a song still clinging on to my brain.

Yeah, welcome to the first frontier of the MSD program or rather Masters ‘program in sustainable development! Here´s the program for you that favors social sciences with an overarching interest to feel some pressure over few glimpses of natural resource management tasks and chemistry passing by now and then. For me with a science background with major abilities in biochemistry, soil science and landscape management etc. I hope there could be a little more of walk the walk this semester.

Well that´s all for now!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the first frontier

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