About me


Firstly, I would like to welcome you here at my student blog and secondly, I would like to start with a short summary of who am I.

My name is Denisa Poznickova and I come from the Czech Republic from beautiful Prague. I studied my Bachelor in Prague but I wanted to experience something more challenging and rewarding. Therefore studying abroad seemed to be a perfect choice and until today I am go glad that I decided to go to Sweden.

  • I study Environmental Economics and Management at SLU (Business Administration study track)
  • I started my studies in August 2017 and moved to Sweden in August, too
  • I live in Stockholm
  • I commute to Uppsala (article about my commuting here)
  • I love exploring places to eat and food in general
  • I share insights into student life, other useful tips and trips recommendation and I try to write about things which I lacked when I was appling to SLU
  • I always follow public events in the city as I do not want to miss anything

If you want to see more from my life in Sweden, you can check my instagram, which I use as a source of inspiration and I try to offer the same to the others. In case you find it interesting, I will be pleased.

Ahoj, Denisa

(Ahoj = Hi, Bye in Czech)