Education system at SRUC

Hej hej,

I would like to describe how lectures look like here at SRUC and make a comparison with SLU´s approach.

I must say that after few weeks here, I realised that studies here are not that demanding in terms of time. In Sweden, we always had to prepare and read something lecture to lecture and I basically do not remember a week without not having some assignments, group project or some other deadline. Here, we were given deadlines for essays at the beginning of each course, meaning that we have more or less one month to finish those. That gives you a lot of freedom because of course, you can schedule it according to your own deliberation.

Another thing that surprised me was that here is not a focus on group projects, which in Sweden we always had to work in groups on some project that spanned throughout the course. Here, we mainly work on essays individually. The essay usually has to be around 2500 words and we have to use not less than 12 references. Related to that, in Sweden we have to give several presentations during the semester, however, here some courses require presentation of the essay and some do not. For example, I have to write 3 essays but I will present only one and the other two just require submission.

A less satisfying thing is that lecturers here do not pay so much attention to include the students into discussion and do not raise some questions to make the lecture more interesting. Particularly, this point is not really welcoming as it is not easy to pay attention when lecturers speak in a monotonous tone and only follow the slides without mentioning any examples from the practice. To be honest, lectures here are pretty boring due to the facts mentioned above.

On the other hand, I could perceive that here is probably more attention to include some field trips or excursions into the curriculum. For example, students of the course “UK agri-food industries” went to a whisky distillery, which I believe must be a nice authentical experience. Unfortunately, with one of my courses, we were supposed to visit a buffalo farm, however, the trip was cancelled due to staffing problems on the farm, I was very disappointed by this as I was really looking forward to seeing the reality of some business and have some insights. Luckily, this week, we will go to Edinburgh ZOO for an excursion, which I hope will be really rewarding.

So far, I cannot say anything about the exams because they are scheduled for December.

I hope you are doing fine.


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