Resuable cups


Today I would like to talk about reusable cups. When I came to Edinburgh, I was surprised by how much people here pay attention not to use disposable cups for coffee/tea. On the other hand, to be honest, I was surprised by how no one cares about that at SLU… Coffee consumption in Sweden is really high and some people drink not only one coffee a day, however, they hardly ever bring their own cup for the beverage.

Here, in Edinburgh, you usually have to pay the higher price for a beverage if you don´t bring your own cup, which I think makes a huge difference as all are motivated to carry the reusable cup with them. Usually, you get charged 25p (= 3 sek) on top of the original price of the drink. I don´t know what you think but for me, this “fine” is really motivating for me and I don´t tend to buy coffee because it makes you realise the waste stemming from drinking coffee/tea.

Moreover, you can buy branded KeepCup It has been estimated that a “Keep Cup” starts paying for itself environmentally after just 15 useswith a logo of SRUC (the University of Edinburgh has them too and cafés in the city quite often too), so that in most of the cases you can see students and professors carrying their KeepCup which makes me happy.

On SRUC websites it is stated that “the reusable hot beverage cups have been introduced to encourage staff and students to reduce their environmental footprint. The cups aim to inspire us all to consider their impact on the environment by challenging the culture of single use culture of ‘use it and throw it away’.

I would love the idea of having a KeepCup with SLU logo! And I really hope someone will come up with some reusable cups at our university too because the waste is huge and could be prevented easily.

No doubt that it would be perfect if you bring you cup wherever you go despite the nonexistence of the “fine” 🙂


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