Gym facilities in Edinburgh


As the students of SRUC, we have a perfect opportunity to apply for the gym membership for free. I find this a perfect benefit because it is really good to do some exercise after sitting at the lectures or in the library working on the assignments. Actually, we could apply to two gyms here.

KB Fitness
  • One (KB Fitness) is directly on the campus and is really small, however, all necessary equipment is available and the gym is never too full anyway, so that you can still have a good workout.




  • Another one (Pleasance) is in the city and it is probably the largest gym I have ever seen. You can find literally everything there. You can go to the gym, play squash, swim, go to the sauna, go to the various classes and probably other things, which I still have not revealed, too. This gym can be really crowded, especially in the afternoons/evenings, but luckily there is really a lot of equipment so that you can always find a place to go. There are many separate rooms and each of them

    offers something different – cardio zone, weight zone, TRX zone and so on.


I would really love to have this benefit in Sweden, too. A lot of my fellow students in Sweden already had a membership at some gym so that I believe most of us would welcome that.

Bye, Denisa


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