New beginnings


If you are a new student at SLU, I believe you can find useful information in some of the older articles, so check the archive. Last summer it was the first year at SLU for me, which means that I struggled with some stuff that you will probably have to deal with, too. For instance, getting the personal number, getting to know the Swedish education system, experiencing first courses and eventually final exams.

However, this semester will be different for me as I will study abroad for a semester, so that I will have to find out many things about how the system works here, too. Currently, I am in Edinburgh to start my Erasmus studies at SRUC. Today I went to the campus for the first time and we had an introduction to the studies, library and so on. Therefore hereafter my articles will be mostly about my experience with Erasmus and I will provide some information about the education system here in Scotland. Hopefully, you will enjoy those articles as well.

Even though courses in Sweden have already started, I will start my courses next week and then I will know more about my new university. I feel excited about this whole.

Bye, Denisa


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