Final days of the courses


this week we have our final presentations and next week we will take an exam. Then this academic year is over. During any presentation we have to highlight main points that we investigated within our projects. Currently, I have two courses, and both have slightly different requirements of presentation, however, there is always an opponent or discussant (mostly two or more people) to your project, who help you to develop your project and give you important insights into how the reader perceive your work. Sometimes you can give just a brief presentation, for about 5 minutes and in other cases you may be required to present for 15 minutes. Length of presentation varies a lot, but the thing that you can be sure about is that discussion will come thereafter. Emphasis is on providing a constructive feedback which is not always easy task as it may seem, but we are given a lot of possibilities to learn it. Good thing for those who does not enjoy giving presentations is that we are always a small class of around 25 people in total, however, presentations are usually divided into two groups, so that you present to people you know, and the group is not that large.

This is picture from our discussion 🙂

Good luck with your courses!

Lycka till !


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