Only few days left

Hej hej,

It sounds a bit oddly when I realise that soon we will finish the courses and the first year of my Master´s studies will be over. Currently, we have no lectures, however, we have to finish our projects and there is still a lot to work on. It becomes even harder to concentrate on your duties when the weather is so beautiful. This period I attend two courses – Ethics and Value Chain and Networks in Bio-economy and both of them are really interesting and again we have a possibility to broaden our perspectives. After we submit everything what is required I will write about those courses since they provided us with essential knowledge that we will make use of in the future, but for this time I will not go into details.

Within any course at SLU (but I suppose at any university) you will have to work on several group projects and you can always choose the topic you would like to explore. What I really like is that usually you can choose whatever you like, just you have to be able to apply it to the course syllabus and topics. I find this really rewarding since you can investigate something what you think might be interesting for your thesis and in case you find it interesting even after submitting, then you have at least better overview about the topic for the future. Even though you will not extend the knowledge gained due to the project, I am sure you learnt something valuable.

I hope you can enjoy these sunny days.



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