Swedish Personal Number #1


today I would like to describe what is a Swedish Personal number, how to get it and next time I will also write about why it is nice to have one.

  • What is personal number (=personnummer)?

Swedish personal number consists of 10 digit number (YYMMDD+4 random numbers) which is unique for each person, so that it is something like your identification thus you can find personal number on ID.

If you are born in Sweden, you get personal number automatically, however, when you move to Sweden and what to get one, the adventure begins! 😀

  • When you can get personal number?

As I come from the country within the EU, the whole process was maybe easier (I did not have to prove residence permit) and I will write about it from my perspective. When you come to Sweden to study a Master´s programme you are entitled to get personal number. You are entitled to get one when you study (or work) for at least 12 months. Therefore, exchange students have no right to get it.

  • Where to get personal number?

Skatteverket is the place ! You will be in touch with this institution after your arrival, so remember it 😀 In Uppsala, you will go probably here. In Stockholm, there are more possibilities where to go.

(Skatteverket = Tax agency office)

  • How to get personal number?

You have to take several documents with you

  1. passport/ID
  2. a letter of admission showing that you will study for at least 12 months (document from University Admissions)
  3. certificate of registration showing that you are enrolled and really studying
  4. assurance that you have sufficient funds for your studies
  5. document showing that you have health insurance (European Health Insurance Card is sufficient)
  6. document showing your civil status (if you are unmarried, you do not have to bring anything)
  7. if you have children, bring their birth certificate

You have to go to Skatteverket with these documents, fill a form there and then you may proceed to the counter and they will help you with everything else.

  • How long does it take?

This is probably the most annoying part as whole process lasts between 3 to 4 weeks (rather 4 weeks). In my case, it was 9 weeks 😀 at first they refused to give me personal number because I did not sufficiently proved that I have sufficient funds for my studies – I just ticked in a form that I have sufficient funds but they wanted a prinscreen of bank statement (which my friends did not have to enclose, but whatever :D). Therefore, I had to do everything again, yeey

  • How will Skatteverket notify you that you have your number ready?

Good question. They should send you a letter but in any of my cases I had not received any. I called them because it lasted too long and I was suspicious. I waited on the phone for around 25 minutes (in both those cases) until they connected me with a real person so be prepared for that.

That´s it!

I have to admit that I was really fed up with Skatteverket after all this, however, all those difficulties are now offsetted by the advantages of having it. And at least, I am more experienced in filling that form 😀

Next time, I will summarise why it is good to have personal number and you will be able to understand it more.




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