Trip to Skogskyrkogården


After finishing an exam, I wanted to go somewhere for a walk or just to be outside because since I came back from Prague, I spent a lot of time inside studying. Hence being some time outside was urgent. We decided to go to Skogskyrkogården which is easily reachable by green line of Stockholm metro.

Skogskyrkogården (the Woodland cemetery) is Stockholm large cemetery of almost 110 hectares which was created between 1917 and 1940 and in 1994 it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was designed by the architects on a pine-covered ridge and architectural elements blend in with nature, which gives you a feeling that you are in a forrest. Skogskyrkogården has had an influence on cemetery design in many countries of the world.

Stairs to Almhöjden

In this large cemetery you can find many places of interest. Firstly, you can admire nature with many thousands of pines and other trees. Secondly, there is Almhöjden, which is, in my opinion, characteristic for this cemetery. It is a hill with few trees close to the main entrance. Then there is Seven Springs Way, which has an interesting purpose. It consists of different trees and as you are approaching the Chapel of Resurrection, they become more dense and dark. Hence it may make you feel more melanchonical, however, after a ceremony, you are supposed to take the path other way round and therefore, it ensures you to leave the cemetery with a better mood. Lastly, there is many chapels, too. Another interesting fact that I found is that in contrast to other cemeteries of the time, the graves are quite small. No grave was to be larger than any other, to show that in death all people are equal.

The Woodland Crematory
Seven Springs Way

Even though it is still part of Stockholm, you will get a feeling that you are in some smaller town, especially because of cute wooden houses close to cemetery and high trees. If you go there, you will not probably spend there more than few hours, however, it is nice to see this place. I believe that visiting this place when it is sunny, covered by snow or fallen leaves must be even better than visiting it on this gloomy weather which was this time. Hence, I would say that it was not my last time there 😀




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