Back to reality

After three weeks in the Czech Republic of doing only the things I wanted to, I had to get back into reality fast. At first, I planned to study during my stay at home, but surprisingly, it was not something I wanted to do and therefore I just postponed my duties until I am back in Sweden. I was easily distracted by everything and I just wanted to enjoy the moments with my family and friends and not to spoil it with school stuff. Anyway,  since my arrival, I have to study for an exam which I have to take next week and also prepare for a presentation.

How nice it would be to continue with relaxed days even now, but I just have to wait until I pass the exam and then I will do some trips and enjoy being back home again. (I am always confused about which home I should call the home hence I call a lot of places my home – better than no home, isn´t is? :D).

I have some ideas for articles in my mind, however, I will upload them later due to upcoming exam.

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I wish you a luck with all your assingments, projects and exams !


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