Trip to Lund

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I hope you all had a nice weekend and today I bring another article related to travelling as iln the beginning of November I was in Copenhagen and I decided to explore not only Copenhagen but also adjacent cities Malmö and Lund. Now it is time to show the beauties of Lund.

Getting to Lund from Malmö is super easy. The train takes you there in 10 minutes from Malmö central station to Lund central station so if you decide to go to Malmö, I believe that you will not regret if you spare few extra minutes/hours to visit Lund.

Lund is a university city and somehow is similar to Uppsala. It has around 90 000 inhabitants and approximately 41 00 are students. Similarly as Uppsala, it becomes a ghost town when students are not there 😀 Lund has beautiful historical houses and most of the buildings which you can see in the city belong to Lund University which is spread across the city. Lund University is second-oldest university in Sweden, after Uppsala University. There are many student nations as well and cathedral which is a dominant in the city.

We were walking through the city and I admired all buildings there and I immediately started to love this city full of picturesque houses. For me personally, Lund was really nice surprise because at first, I was not sure whether it is worth going there but then I did not regret even for a while.

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Have a nice start to new week.


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