Ultuna Näringslivsdag

Hej hej,

here I bring some information how Career Fair looked like. On 15th of November there was a Career afternoon (Ultuna Näringslivsdag) organised by the Student union which means that some companies came to SLU and students could come to their stalls and ask for job/internship opportunities and lot more.

I know something similar from my university in the Czech Republic, so I partly knew what to expect. One disadvantage which I perceived was that most of the companies were Swedish, so I did not know them before and had to look for what they do or ask them at the fair. However, all representatives were nice and willing to answer all our questions. Even though you are not looking for a job or internship, I suppose it is a great opportunity to get in touch with possible future employers and find out what requirements do they have. For example, some companies require Swedish language or offer only full-time jobs and therefore you can make a better overview about your possibilities after your studies.

SLU gives you a great opportunity to be well-prepared for this Career Fair as on 8th of November there was a lecture/career afternoon for students about how to prepare for Career Fair on 15th of November and where useful tips and advices were provided. Students had an opportunity to ask about something and people from Career department were available to answer those questions. Funny thing about this all is that it was held in Swedish. The slides of presentation were in English, but it was presented in Swedish. I am not sure why was it in Swedish as I suppose that Swedes are not that ashamed to speak English and their English skills are pretty advanced. However, I was able to understand some parts and other I could guess from the slides and gestures 😀



I can truly recommend you participating at both (or at least Career Fair) events as you will find out useful information, get some contacts, make a better picture about future job possibilities and furthermore you will get some presents, candies and pens from those companies 😊

Bye, Denisa


  1. Individuals high school normally mention about Ultuna Näringslivsdag , however am not sure I personally definitely appreciate what it really is.

    I require an instructor, or perhaps quicker to declare a good mentor that could offer you everybody with increased help and advice.
    Does one?

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