About me


My name is Ana, and I am a ECM student at the SLU in Uppsala.

Before completing my Environmental Sciences bachelor’s degree in Spain, I got the chance to study abroad for a year in the UK thanks to the Erasmus program. This experience made me become more aware of the importance of interdisciplinary and communicative skills for coping with international & environmental issues.

I wanted to develop my knowledge about social issues related to the environment, thus when I found the ECM program I thought it was a unique approach in environmental studies and felt intrigued by the master’s content. As a matter of fact,  I also read Eliot’s blog last year, which helped me to clarify my thoughts. This is why I will try my best to support those that, like a two years ago me, are indecisive future ECM students considering to take the leap!

In my experience, I can say that the fact that my  ECM classmates come from very different academic disciplines and countries, and share awareness around environmental issues, make our group discussions very enriching. Also, there is a team of dedicated lecturers behind all the experiences and practical activities in the courses, which are very varied. This was precisely what I was looking for in a masters degree, so I am grateful for being part of it.

Hopefully you will experience the same feeling soon!

All the best,


Wall image: Pejac. Spanish urban artist.

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