The perfect student town, Uppsala!

Uppsala is a relatively small city, but there is plenty of room for students. Both SLU and Uppsala University offer many resources to students, such as book loans, kithcen on campus, study rooms and group rooms that you can book in advance. Now that I am writing my thesis, I appreciate I can borrow books from both universities.

When I had class at SLU, I could heat my food in the kitchen’s microwave ovens, and have lunch with my classmates at university. While being in town, I have access to the city public libraries and to Uppsala University libraries. This makes it easier to meet up and study if you decide living in town (Approx 35 min away by bike from SLU).

There are thirteen Nations, which are historical buildings owned and run by student associations. Usually, students pay a fee of about 250 SEK, like 25 euros, for a semenster and join a nation of their choice. Each nation is named after a region in Sweden, and students may join the nation representing the region they were from or any other. When I first came to Uppsala, me and a friend from southern europe joined Norrlands nation, for example. As a memeber you can access all the nations’ cafés, pubs and parties. These are also far cheaper places to hang out in Uppsala!

The nations and available resources have my experience as a student easier, and happier too. Hope this info helps,


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