Step into someone’s shoes

In this case, all students taking Governance of natural resources are stepping on a reviewer’s shoes. We were divided in groups of 4 people in December to give feedback to each other’s home exams, and we were asked to write our home exam over the christmas break.

This is the first time I exchange home exams with other than my friends. It seems more formal to me the fact that it’s been arranged. We received our groupmates’ home exams today, and I must say I am not just stepping on a reviewer’s shoes while reading, but also on my classmates viewpoints.

While reading some home exams, it gets a bit difficult to understand what the others aim to say at times. Our task as reviewers is to give feedback on how to better structure arguments, improve our grammar maybe, and learn from each other.  I remember when a friend back home told me that, when as a teacher she had to give a report to parents on childrens’ behaviour, she used to structure her feedback like: good thing, bad thing, good thing again. Because, according to her, no parent likes to hear bad things about their kids… because they are perfect. So that structure would make receiving bad news a bit “smoother”… I will give constructive feedback, and highlight both good and bad things, and I hope my classmates are kind to me too!


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